Camfil expands market leading position with the acquisition of Chimbault-Peyridieux

France – 11 April, 2018

Camfil AB is proud to announce the acquisition of the French company, Chimbault-Peyridieux. The family-owned company was established in Mauriac in 1978. They design and manufacture a wide range of air filters for air treatment and cleaning of work environments. The acquisition will expand Camfil’s comfort market share in France as well as giving a potential boost in carbon media sales and clean process sales.

Chimbault-Peyridieux’s wide product line will complement Camfil’s existing portfolio of high quality filtration products. They bring market knowledge and manufacturing capabilities which will reinforce Camfil’s position in France.

“I am very pleased to welcome the French company Chimbault-Peyridieux to the Camfil family,” Mark Simmons, EVP Filter CEBI and CEO Designate said. “Its product expertise and market insight will help to further strengthen Camfil’s leading position in the French market.”

The Camfil family and the Chimbault-Peyridieux family agree this acquisition reaches beyond facts and figures because of strong, family values.

“We don’t recall who chose who but for us, we chose Camfil for excellence,” Mr. and Mrs. Chimbault, Mr. Peyridieux said. “Both with our heads and our hearts.”


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