Bringing Efficient Air Filtration into the World of Data Centers

Since the inception of the Internet in I 960's, our world has been revolving through data centers. The ever-rising demand of the society for prompt and rapid information has led to the continual growth of data centers, fiuther boosted by cloud backup, audio/video streams, and social net\vorking services. The need for centralized facilities for enhanced service providers like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and others are well-known to all. But with over 3 million data centers in the United States itself, there is an exponential requirement for an air-conditioned environment, free from air contaminants. There is a prevalent concern amongst environmental experts about the quality of air emitted and the volume of energy expended inside these data centers. With the enormous amount of energy consumed by these facilities, data centers have become a rich source of outdoor and indoor pollution. Camfi l, a global leader in the air filtration industry, provides air filters to various noteworthy data center facilities to help them maintain their flow of information.

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Filtration into the World of Data Centers”.
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